NEW Fractured Glaze Windows!

A window that can sparkle anywhere!  Our NEW sculpted ceramic 'windows' are multi-level ceramic sculptures filled with Fractured Glaze.  Fractured Glazes are created from artisan glass and our own hand-formulated glaze finishes. These one-of-a-kind sculptures feature a totally unique combination of colors on each panel.  Also, the work is about an inch tall, making them more dimensional than our other tiles.  Edges are glazed, so the panels can be installed on a wall OR we can create a hook to allow the sculpture to hang independently.

'Sunset':  Glass and Ceramic, 19x13 inches

'Dreamy Day' Ceramic and Glass 15x13 inches


'MoonCloud Midnight': Ceramic and Glass, 20x16 inches


'Stormy Dusk':  Ceramic and Glass, 20x17 inches


'Earth':  Ceramic and Glass, 9x9 inches


'Ink':  Ceramic and Glass, 9x9 inches


'Trees':  Ceramic and Glass, 6-inch dia.


'Roots':  Ceramic and Glass, 6-inch dia.



Fractured Glaze Comes to Life

Tiles pictured above are loosely laid out in the studio before shipping/installation.

Move over 2x2 accents!  For the first time, thanks to HomeTech Renovations (Fort Washington, PA), we can feature this unique finish as part of a large scale mural!

This mural was created using the Teres 5x5 tile design.  Teres, meaning 'elegant' or 'rounded' in Latin, has a raised border along the edge, making it perfect for the Fractured Glaze finish.  Subtle almond accents highlight the design where the interaction of Buttercream glaze and Ice Fractured glaze come together.  'Ice' Fractured finish makes the design sparkle as light reflects on the surface of each tile.

The finished kitchen will feature this mural amid handmade 4x8 subway tiles in Buttercream.  Hopefully we can bring you the finished kitchen installation soon!


NEW Fractured Glazes!

Happy 2013!  Clay Decor just developed a new line of crackled glazes.  This glamorous new selection of 9 glazes adds a pop of color and sparkle to any interior.  Combine small tiles to make a large medallion, or create jewels with smaller decos around the wall--the possibilities are endless!

Fractured Glaze is a specialty glaze with a different personality than our regular finish color offerings.  Additional charges apply per square foot (on pricelist 'Policies' page).

Here are some guidelines and options:

  • Use on wall tiles only
  •  Can be applied to tiles 6x6 or smaller
  • Used only with tiles with raised borders on the edge
  • Small tiles can be pressed into a larger piece of clay to create this border needed around the edge
  • Choice of Bone or Gloss White glazes for background/edge/border
  • Custom Fractured colors available, inquire about samples and availability