Sketches for You--Did You Know??

Did you know that we do line renderings of tile layouts regularly?  There is a archive of these drawings on the Design Ideas page, under Layout Sketches.  The sketches can give you new ideas, or help your clients visualize tiles together.  We can also do renderings of new designs as part of a new project proposal! Reflection, Quies Imperial, Gothic Border, custom design tiles, plain tile panels, and Chair Rail Moldings

Reflection, Quies Imperial, Gothic Border, custom design tiles, plain tile panels, and Chair Rail Moldings

Thank you, Skippack tile for this project!

Completed and installed Fireplace in Green Shadow Glaze

Here are just a few of the dozens of sketches available on Design Ideas:

3 Aurelia Companions with Chair Rail Frames

Acanthus Flower Medallion, 4-part Surround, Chair Rail, and Wrapped Field Tiles

Anaglypto Fireplace with 4x8 Subway Fields Hearth

Backsplash Featuring Aquarius 7x7 Compiled Medallion with Chair Rail Frame, with Rhomboid Fields

Aquarius 7x7 Medallion with Chair Rail Frame

Aurelia Centerpiece with 2 Aurelia Companions and Chair Rail Frames

Medallion with Aurelia Centerpiece and 2 Aurelia Companions, with custom fields and Chair Rail Frame

Backsplash Featuring Aurelia Centerpiece Medallion, Liners, and 4x8 fields in Green and White

Concordia Sero-Elaborate Tile Design Sketch with Narrow Rope and Chair Rail Molding

Mural with Concordia and Concordia Seros, 6-part Surround Lucescere, Chair Rail, and 6x6 Fields

Corono 3x3 Fireplace with Handmade 4x4 Fields

Dragonfly Garden mural horizontal

Dragonfly Mural Tall Panels

Elaborate Bloom Mural with Sculpted Leaf and Chair Rail

Elegance Mural with Sculpted Leaf and Chair Rail

Fireplace with Imaginatio, Delicatus, Quies, Custom Fields and Chair Rail

Foliage Medallion-Surr-chair rail

Medallion with Fruit Tableau, Gothic Border and Chair Rail

Fireplace with Quies', Imaginatios, Delicatus and Chair Rail

Tall Panel with Imaginatios Mirrored with Chair Rail

Leilani 14-surr-chair rail

Quies Imperial cut into an Oval with Blank Surround and Chair Rail

Medallion Featuring Shell Medallion, 4-part Surround, Pencil Molding, Custom Fields, Chair Rail and Wrapped Fields

3 Vinaceus Panels with Chair Rail Frames



NEW Concordia!!

Leaf Concordia w-Concordia Sero panels and Kallisto frame We've added a new spin on Concordia, Clay Decor's most popular tile!  This new design is a custom-commission, (originally made to a specific client's request) and now part of the collection for everyone!  Also, introducing a new Concordia Sero in 17x4 inches sizing!  See below for the total mural...

Leaf Concordia 21x17 inches

Here is Leaf Concordia pictured with Concordia Sero tall and narrow, with Kallisto molding frame.  The tiles pictured here are loose/uninstalled in the studio, and are in Buttercream glaze.  Total size, approximately 35x24 inches.

Leaf Concordia with Concordia Sero and Kallisto Molding Frame

Special thanks to Stone and Tile Emporium for this new project!

NEW Fractured Glazes!

Happy 2013!  Clay Decor just developed a new line of crackled glazes.  This glamorous new selection of 9 glazes adds a pop of color and sparkle to any interior.  Combine small tiles to make a large medallion, or create jewels with smaller decos around the wall--the possibilities are endless!

Fractured Glaze is a specialty glaze with a different personality than our regular finish color offerings.  Additional charges apply per square foot (on pricelist 'Policies' page).

Here are some guidelines and options:

  • Use on wall tiles only
  •  Can be applied to tiles 6x6 or smaller
  • Used only with tiles with raised borders on the edge
  • Small tiles can be pressed into a larger piece of clay to create this border needed around the edge
  • Choice of Bone or Gloss White glazes for background/edge/border
  • Custom Fractured colors available, inquire about samples and availability


At Clay Decor it's all about custom handmade artwork, made to order just for you.  We created a shortcut that trims couture from 6 weeks to GUARANTEED TO SHIP IN 2 WEEKS! Clay Decor has created the most popular designs and bisque fired them.  From here, the tiles can be easily custom-cut in the studio on the wet saw and glazed in any of our hand-created glazes:

Below, are pictures and quantities available.  Quantities will be updated Monday-Friday from 8 until 6 PM real-time so you can be certain of the availability.  Check back regularly for new designs and updated information.

Concordia:  13 1/2 x 20 1/2   Quantity Available:  4

Quies:  10 1/2 by 6 1/2 Quantity Available:  2

Aurelia Horizontal:  18 x 13  Quantity Available:  2

Aurelia Horizontal Surround:  4-parts, 15 1/2 x 26 (or smaller to your specs) Quantity Available:  2 sets

Quies Imperial:  20 1/2 x 10  Quantity Available:  1

Pomarius:  15 x 13  Quantity Available:  1

Fruit Tableau:  15 x 18  Quantity Available:  1

Irish Lace:  13 x 18  Quantity Available:  1 

Fruit Tableau Surround:  19 x 22  Quantity Available:  2 Sets 



MOLDING/FRAME OPTIONS:  All pieces can be cut to frame the other tiles in the Glaze-to-Go selection (cut to length and mitered corners).  Quantities are not posted because we always have plenty on hand in the designs pictured below.

Chair Rail: 2 1/2 wide by up to 14 long

Kallisto Molding:  3 1/2 x 10


Dealer Display Package Options

  • View the individual tiles mentioned in these packages by going to, and putting the tile name into the search box in the lower right hand corner.
  • Clay Decor can choose the finish colors from the most popular, or you can choose what works in your market (we notice that different colors tend to vary by area of the country).
  • Pricing for tiles and packages can be obtained by emailing, and telling us a little bit about your showroom and location.

1.  Order any tile or concept board design in any stock Finish Color to a minimum $300.

2.   Large Tile Package

This package includes our very popular large tiles in the most frequently ordered designs:

  • Concordia
  • Aurelia Horizontal
  • Imaginatio
  • Quies Imperial
  • Fruit Tableau
  • Irish Lace
  • Leilani Ellipse

3.  Small Tile Package 

This package includes an example of all 4x4 and smaller deco tiles, loose: 27 total

4.  Moldings Sampler

This package includes an example of all Molding tile designs, loose:  21 total

5.  Color Chips

This includes a 3x3 sample of all current glaze Finish Colors.

6.  Medium Tile Package 

Medium tiles include select popular designs from 6x6 to 12 x 12

  • Quies
  • Aquarius 9x9
  • Anaglypto
  • Sidereus 8x8
  • Renaissance
  • Corono 6x6
  • Concordia Sero
  • Gemino 6x6
  • Foliatus

7.  Borders Package 

This package includes a selection of popular wide and narrow borders.

  • Gothic Border
  • Sidereus Border
  • Garden Border
  • Lucescere
  • Fluvidus
  • Thorn Flower
  • Tulip Vine
  • Ventillo
  • Lily Consero

8.  Mural Package 

This package includes the top 3 mural designs, loose.  Make these into a concept board using moldings as a frame, or install them with different materials from your store, such as stone.

  • Concordia with 2 Concordia Sero side panels
  • Reflection 4-piece mural
  • Elegance Mural

9.  Glass Packages

Our glass tiles are currently offered in a limited number of designs and sizes.  Here are options that include currently available designs:

9A:  Small Glass Accents:  All 2x2 (#5) and 1x1 (#1) tile designs

9B:  Glass Tiles, Medium:  Corono 4x4, Aquarius 7x7, Gothic Border, Ventillo

9C:  Glass Moldings:  1 each of Ornate Frame and Chair Rail Moldings

9D:  Glass Concordia:  21 x 14 inch, 9 mm thick

10.  Concept Boards

These boards are priced individually, and due to their size, will be delivered loose with an installation map.  Feel free to make your own composition of tiles and frames to make a board fit to your space.

  • Concordia with Kallisto Molding Frame:  total size 21 x 28
  • Irish Lace with 4-part surround and Ornate Frame Molding:  total size 25 x 20
  • Aurelia Horizontal with 4-part surround and Chair Rail frame:  total size 21 x 26
  • Fruit Tableau, Gothic Border, Chair Rail frame:  Total size 26 x 29
  • Aquarius 7x7 (#9) with Chair Rail:  Total size 26 x 26

How to Become a New Dealer

How to Become a Clay Decor Dealer

Thank you so much for your interest in Clay Decor's 100% handmade artisan products!  Our tiles and sinks are individually hand-made and hand-glazed.  Each piece is UNIQUE--it will never come out of the kiln the same way twice, and this guarantees true artistic quality.

 Who are Our Partners?

Our partner stores are typically small, boutique style stores with designers or highly experienced sales people willing to work with the clients on custom projects.   These stores are in high-end markets with consumers that have traditional sensibilities.

These are ARTISAN products made by an artist.  If you are looking for off-the-shelf, pre-made items that offer consistency and uniformity, Clay Decor's products are not a good fit.  Each tile is an individual work of art with a unique appearance, that is made to-order only (applies to all works, even large quantities of plain field tiles).  Tiles come together create beautiful, unique total compositions.


What is the Lead Time?

Because every tile is custom-made for each client, there are no items 'in stock'.  Most orders have a 6-week window from the time the Purchase Order is received until the ship date.  We are happy to try and work with you, so if occasionally there is an urgent need, check with us and we'll consult the current production schedule and let you know at the time of inquiry.


What is the Buy-in?

We require a minimum initial display purchase of $300.  Display pricing is 1/2 of wholesale prices.  All stock finish colors, with the exception of hand-rubbed colors using 'Antiquity' in the name, are the same price.  Antiquity colors add $50 to medallion orders and more if applying to a number of fields.


Do We Offer Exclusivity?

The short answer is 'no'.  In general, we try to maintain a 20 minute driving distance between partner stores.  Of course, that will be less distance in a highly dense market such as a major city.  Clay Decor offers no guarantees of territory/exclusivity.


How Do You Choose a Display?

Displays are as custom as the individual client orders.  You can order whatever designs you want, in any of the stock colors.  You can order a combination of loose tiles and/or concept boards.  All concept boards will be shipped to you in loose tiles with a map for installation on site with backing materials of your choice.  As an alternative, we have several packages you can choose from, made up of the most popular designs/colors.