Anne Foulke

The driving force behind Clay Decor, LLC is artist A. M. (Anne) Foulke. Foulke is the principle artist in the company, and is responsible for creating the designs, building the art tiles, vessel sinks, and sculpting the molds. Foulke's love of interior design and passion for art culminated into Clay Decor, LLC in 2004, where she began building relationships with distinguished retailers, designers and builders.

Anne is inspired by architectural work of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Most of Clay Decor's artwork is comprised of two-dimensional clay sculpture. The low-relief carvings are dimensional interpretations of elaborate line designs. "I am drawn to beautiful things; intricate designs with lots of curves and fluidity. I enjoy creating and interpreting luxurious motifs through wood, through clay, through glass; anything I can touch and sculpt with my hands." A.M. Foulke's body of work is typically classical in nature and exemplifies designs (shapes and designs combined in a composition) rather than icons (pictures that represent objects). Her glass work typically uses rich, saturated colors to achieve and highlight her intricate designs.

Foulke’s fine art experiences range from sculpting clay using traditional Japanese Anagama firing techniques, to formulation of works in reduction (technique that manipulates oxygen in the firing process) and oxidation (complete oxygen combustion firing) atmospheres, and most recently glass kiln work. Beginning in her teens, turning professional with a B.A. degree in Studio Ceramics, and for over 20 years, she has been striving to evolve as an artist and sculptor. Foulke’s philosophy is that art is a process of heart, soul, and experience. As she grows as an artist, Clay Decor’s products will constantly change and evolve. Clients will always be able to expect careful, unique artwork of superior hand-crafted quality.