How to Become a New Dealer

How to Become a Clay Decor Dealer

Thank you so much for your interest in Clay Decor's 100% handmade artisan products!  Our tiles and sinks are individually hand-made and hand-glazed.  Each piece is UNIQUE--it will never come out of the kiln the same way twice, and this guarantees true artistic quality.

 Who are Our Partners?

Our partner stores are typically small, boutique style stores with designers or highly experienced sales people willing to work with the clients on custom projects.   These stores are in high-end markets with consumers that have traditional sensibilities.

These are ARTISAN products made by an artist.  If you are looking for off-the-shelf, pre-made items that offer consistency and uniformity, Clay Decor's products are not a good fit.  Each tile is an individual work of art with a unique appearance, that is made to-order only (applies to all works, even large quantities of plain field tiles).  Tiles come together create beautiful, unique total compositions.


What is the Lead Time?

Because every tile is custom-made for each client, there are no items 'in stock'.  Most orders have a 6-week window from the time the Purchase Order is received until the ship date.  We are happy to try and work with you, so if occasionally there is an urgent need, check with us and we'll consult the current production schedule and let you know at the time of inquiry.


What is the Buy-in?

We require a minimum initial display purchase of $300.  Display pricing is 1/2 of wholesale prices.  All stock finish colors, with the exception of hand-rubbed colors using 'Antiquity' in the name, are the same price.  Antiquity colors add $50 to medallion orders and more if applying to a number of fields.


Do We Offer Exclusivity?

The short answer is 'no'.  In general, we try to maintain a 20 minute driving distance between partner stores.  Of course, that will be less distance in a highly dense market such as a major city.  Clay Decor offers no guarantees of territory/exclusivity.


How Do You Choose a Display?

Displays are as custom as the individual client orders.  You can order whatever designs you want, in any of the stock colors.  You can order a combination of loose tiles and/or concept boards.  All concept boards will be shipped to you in loose tiles with a map for installation on site with backing materials of your choice.  As an alternative, we have several packages you can choose from, made up of the most popular designs/colors.