Everson Museum Exhibit!

Anne's work is part of the Salt City Clay exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY.  Salt City Clay features juried selections from the Syracuse Ceramic Guild.  The exhibit runs into January 2015.  Here are the two works that Anne created: "Flame Flower"  37 inches diameter, ceramic and melted glass

"King of the Yard"  Ceramic and melted glass with Gloss White glaze 24 x 21


One-of-a-Kind Tile Couture!

Looking for something no one else has?  Clay Decor now offers one-of-a-kind works of art by Clay Decor artist, A.M. Foulke.  These Crystal Creations are designs hand-sculpted into clay, then filled with melted glass.  We can use our existing designs and a rainbow of glass colors, or create a completely new design to any dimension (individual pieces not to exceed 17 x 21 inches).   Explore the possibilities below! "Flame Flower"  37 inches diameter, to be show at the Everson Museum Robineau Gallery Aug 30-Jan 4

"King of the Yard" for the Everson Museum Robineau Gallery exhibit Aug. 30-Jan 4. Ceramic and melted glass with Gloss White glaze 24 x 21

"King of the Yard" for the Everson Museum Robineau Gallery exhibit Aug. 30-Jan 4.  Ceramic and melted glass with Gloss White glaze 24 x 21

Crystalized Leilani center tile with custom-created side panels.  Gloss White with Clear Glass.

Handmade Tile + Mosaics = The New Classic

Meet the latest in modern classic combinations: commercial mosaic tiles and handmade tile medallions with frames.

Mosaics are a popular trend in backsplashes for their beauty and ease of installation.  The latest in kitchen design combines many materials, where stone, glass and ceramics live in harmony.  With all the choices in mosaics and customization in handmade artwork, homeowners are able to create completely unique personalized spaces.  Handmade tiles are the ultimate in couture: Clay Decor offers custom designs, custom sizing, custom glazes, and custom shapes.  Throw in a dash of mosaics, and watch your kitchen sparkle!!

Mosaics can provide the perfect backdrop to handmade tiles of all sizes:

Stone and Glass mosaic tiles in the 'field', in addition 2x2 handmade tiles tie it all together as they are peppered throughout the backsplash.

Aurelia with Kallisto frame (Old Gold), Satin White custom-sized surround and glass mosaic background tiles


Mosaics can also be used as a matting in between handmade tile and handmade tile moldings:

Aquarius 7x7 with Glass Mosaic in-set and custom narrow molding frame.  Commercial stone field tiles.


Sidereus 3x3s together with Sidereus 1x1 dots, and handmade Pencil molding frame, filled in with stone mosaic tiles.


Unusual mosaic tiles set in a herring bone pattern work well with a custom-cut handmade medallion.  The tile was originally a rectangle, but cut to an oval, and paired with handmade molding frames.

Concordia in Metallic Black glaze, stone mosaic tile, and Rope Molding frame.

Clay Decor Tiles Featured in Award-Winning Kitchen!

Clay Decor's artwork was featured in an award-winning kitchen in suburban Philadelphia!  Harth Builders, working with Tile Gallerie in Dublin, PA, won a 2012 CotY (Contractor of the Year Award) for the Northeast Region Residential Kitchen Remodel Over $120,000.  This beautiful renovation includes classic styling and historical design motifs.  Here is the article featuring the kitchen from House and Home Magazine (DelValMedia, March 2013):

Fractured Glaze Comes to Life

Tiles pictured above are loosely laid out in the studio before shipping/installation.

Move over 2x2 accents!  For the first time, thanks to HomeTech Renovations (Fort Washington, PA), we can feature this unique finish as part of a large scale mural!

This mural was created using the Teres 5x5 tile design.  Teres, meaning 'elegant' or 'rounded' in Latin, has a raised border along the edge, making it perfect for the Fractured Glaze finish.  Subtle almond accents highlight the design where the interaction of Buttercream glaze and Ice Fractured glaze come together.  'Ice' Fractured finish makes the design sparkle as light reflects on the surface of each tile.

The finished kitchen will feature this mural amid handmade 4x8 subway tiles in Buttercream.  Hopefully we can bring you the finished kitchen installation soon!


Ithaca Artists Market

Come see our artwork at the Ithaca Artists Market:  Friday, July 27 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM in Ithaca, NY at the Farmer's Market.  http://artspartner.org/news/story/spring-writes-literary-festival-this-weekend.html  Clay Decor will be in Booth 35. This is a juried show of 70 fine artists, and also includes food, wine (we're in the Finger Lakes wine country), music and boat tours.  Come and have access to handmade art locally created and one of a kind!


Featured in Remodeling Magazine

The current trend in remodeling is to personalize your space.  Our dealer, HomeTech Renovations (Fort Washington, PA), has highlighted the idea of using local artists for the ultimate customization of a space.  The article, by Nina Patel on page 85 in the June 2012 Remodeling Magazine, features comments from David Cerami (gotta love that name...) :), President of HomeTech  about how local artists can come together to make a space totally unique.  Not only can you guarantee an interior different from your neighbor, but it's also a great way to support artisans in your country and community!

Featured In Central Jersey House and Home

Clay Decor's backsplash is featured in Central Jersey House and Home interior design magazine this month (June, 2012)!  The article (page 46) "Timeless Kitchen Trends" by Beth Puliti, features an entire installation of Clay Decor Tiles on page 47.  This amazing installation (courtesy of HomeTech Renovations in Fort Washington, PA) includes Imaginatio tiles with Chair Rail frames and custom 4x8 handmade tiles.  Imaginatio and all 4x8s are in Earthly Plum glaze, and the Chair Rail is in a light application of Antique Bronze glaze.