Dear Friends, Fabulous Artists

Artisan tile is a small world (artisan, as in--tile handmade by actual artists, not carried by hand from a pressing machine to the kiln...).  These three artists (spouses included) are very dear friends and brilliant artists.  Their work is unique and beautifully formed.  We exchange technical information, moral and artistic support, and important gut-checks about shared experiences.  I cherish the connections with these amazing artists! Bella Vista Tile:   These tiles are a feast of color and texture woven into stunning compositions.  Check out the Tile Gallery on their site, it'll blow you away.

B.A. Schmidt Arts:  Barbara is a wonderful, talented sculptor.  These relief sculptures are thoughtfully created with beautifully hand-applied finishes.  Her Yoga Tile Collection is amazing, but truth be told I like all her work so much I can't pick a favorite.

Also, new friends Oscar and Izzy:  These super-nice folks were next to me at the recent Coverings Tradeshow.  But I'm not putting them in the post because they happened to be my booth neighbor...their work is FABULOUS!  Oscar and Izzy's bold retro designs feature luscious colors and outstanding compositions.  Modern and whimsical, this brilliant graphic designer is super-on-trend!