My Favorite Magazines

#1 Ceramics Monthly:  This fabulous magazine has been a staple since I graduated from college.  It features inspirational work of other ceramic artists, as well as a wealth of technical information.  If I need a new glaze, I usually find it from Ceramics Monthly.  Also a great place to find workshops and equipment. #2 Veranda:  Oh the luxury of this magazine!  And I'm not talking the ads.  The photography in this magazine is a feast of color and composition.  Just seeing the cover gives me an idea of what colors/shades are trending.  The articles give a peak inside classic designs in the most elite environments.  It's not that I want my work to be a bastion of the wealthy, rather a translation of the look and feel of this magazine in some small way.

#3  This Old House Magazine:   I LOVE old houses.  The architecture and attention to detail, especially carved embellishment, never fail to fascinate me.   This magazine is a celebration of craftsmanship by hands of the past and present.  I find wonderful ideas for restoration and re-use of salvaged materials for modern living.  As most of my work is inspired by designs of the late 1800s and early 1900s, I love the historical connections this magazine provides.

As an aside, I have tried to read fashion magazines...yawn...  When you dress in T-shirts/sweatshirts and jeans to work in 'dirt' everyday, one tends to loose interest. :)