Crystal Series; New Designs!

Here are the latest additions to the Crystal Series; handmade ceramic tiles with carefully applied glass inlay.  Every tile has a unique combination of artisan colored and clear glass, making each tile a single work of sparkling art. Crystal Corners design in Slate Blue glass 6x6

Crystal Corners w-clear glass pictured as a medallion

Crystal Lattice with Green glass mural

Crystal Lattice-Clear glass 6x6

Crystal Lattice-Slate Blue Glass

Crystal Series: First Design Released!

We at Clay Decor are currently obsessed with using glass in our ceramics.  The latest in that quest is our most popular design, Concordia (used with the new acanthus leaf center).  More designs to come, as 3 new 6x6-inch designs will be released by the end of June. Crystal Concordia is a single large ceramic tile (12x16 inches) with fired glass inlaid into the design.  The artist created a reverse-mold, hand-presses the design, glazes the tile, then hand-fills the design with crushed glass in colors custom to each client.  Here are just a few examples:

Crystal Concordia with Slate Blue + Clear glass

Crystal Concordia with Clear Glass

Crystal Concordia with Multi-colored Glass

Crystal Concordia with Black Sparkle Glass (with green shading around design from glass)

The glazes that work with glass are: Gloss White, Buttercream, Moonlight, and Candlelight.  Glass colors are a rainbow of options--samples can be provided!

New Glass Tiles

Our new glass tiles were just unveiled at Coverings 2012, and are now part of Clay Decor's offerings.  We're not abandoning our clay (ever!), but this is a fun new direction of artwork and a chance to experiment with color and light in our relief designs.  So far, we have a limited number of our designs, from 1x1 to 21 x 15 Concordia.  Designs are incised into the glass as reverse-relief, or can appear almost three dimensional as you see the design in the back through a smooth top layer of glass.  Here's a picture of Concordia glass tile framed by glass Ornate Frame Moldings and surrounded by commercial mosaics (from the Coverings display).  Little bit of a bear to photograph glass... :)